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There is 14 resources in Helium Rain. They all have different usage but they are all produced and consumed in station, except for fleet supply.

Raw materials[edit | edit source]

Theses resources are produces directly from environnement.

  • Water
  • Iron Oxyde
  • Silica
  • Methane
  • Hydrogen
  • Helium-3

Manufacturing resources[edit | edit source]

These resources are produce from raw materials and can be use as construction resources or to build consumer resources.

  • Steel
  • Plastics
  • Carbon

Consumer resources[edit | edit source]

These resources can be buy by population, but they can have others usages.

  • Food
  • Fuel
  • Tools
  • Electronics

Fleet supply[edit | edit source]

The fleet supply is a very special resource used to repair or refill spacecrafts.