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Frequently asked questions

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This is a list of Frequently asked questions about Helium Rain.

General[edit | edit source]

When and where will the game be released?[edit | edit source]

Helium Rain will be relesead for PC (Windows & Linux) on Steam the August 18 2017. Helium Rain Steam page

Can I record the game to create and share gameplay videos, podcasts, etc?[edit | edit source]

We enthusiastically support anyone willing to share pictures or videos of Helium Rain on the Internet, even through monetized channels. We only ask that you credit the game, either by name or through a direct link to our home page.

Why is there no Mac or console version available?[edit | edit source]

We will launch the game on operating systems that we know and use to build the game itself. We lack the time and resources to support additionnal platforms at the moment.

Are there any plans for multiplayer support?[edit | edit source]

We won't offer multiplayer in Helium Rain, because:

  • We want to give great power to the player, such as destroying factions, starting wars or literally taking over the world ;
  • The fast, physically-based gameplay of the game wouldn't fit multiplayer very well ;
  • We want the game to be available offline.

Is there support for modding?[edit | edit source]

Modding tools are something we'd love to add, but we face difficulties with the commercial engine we use. We don't have solid plans on this for now.

What mean the name "Helium Rain"[edit | edit source]

Inside the giant planets, deep under the surface, helium from the atmosphere can condense due to the pression: there is an helium rain over the metallic ocean see. As our Giant planet Nema is the hearth of the world, the game is named after this phenomenum

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Pirates harass me, what can I do ?[edit | edit source]

  • Increase your military power: they won't attack you if you are stronger than them
  • Increase your military power: you will win battles if you are stronger than them
  • Pay tribute: you can always pay Pirates for peace

How can I move a remote ship without trade route ?[edit | edit source]

First your ship must be ready to travel: not stranded or uncontrollable, not trading, not intercepted Then to the sector menu of your destination sector. Next to the Travel button, you have a drop down to select your remote fleet (you can split the fleet if your want to move only one ship). Then click on the travel button.

What are the meaning of the 3 red icons over ships ?[edit | edit source]

The icons indicate the status of the 3 main system on a ship:

  • The red big engine indicate the orbital engine are too damaged to travel, the ship is stranded
  • The red small engine indicate the RCS system is broken, the ship is uncontrollable
  • The red bullet indicate the ship's weapon system is broken or out of ammo: the ship is out of combat

My ship are damaged, what can I do ?[edit | edit source]

Open the sector menu of the sector were your damaged ships are. You will find a repair button on the top right part of the menu. To repair:

  • Make sure your are not in battle
  • It must be fleet supply in the sector. If not:
  1. wait of another company to bring fleet supply
  2. buy fleet supply in another sector and bring it where your damaged ship is
  • If you don't own the fleet supply, be sure:
  1. to have enought money to buy it
  2. that you are not at war with the owner

I ordered a ship but I don't find it[edit | edit source]

It may be long to build a ship. You can follow the construction progress in the right part of the orbital map.

Some event can delay the completion:

  • The shipyard have to finish the construction of the previous ship in the production line
  • The shipyard can be in outage of a resource. In this case, you can bring the missing resource or wait someone else do that

If you don't see build ship status in orbital map, it can mean:

  • You ship is ready: look at the sector menu of the shipyard, or in your company menu (there should had have a notification)
  • You have been at war the owner of the shipyard, your order is lost
  • The shipyard has been captured by a company in war with you, your order is lost
  • You ship has been destroyed (there should had have a notification)

Technical[edit | edit source]

I have a bug or a problem, what can I do ?[edit | edit source]

If you have any problem, you should create a report on http://dev.helium-rain.com/. We will help you or try fix the bug.

I take an high quality screenshot but I don't find it[edit | edit source]

When you hit the high quality screenshot key, you should have a short freeze in the game followed by a ring.

The screenshot will be store at :

In linux: /home/<your-user-name>/.config/Epic/HeliumRain/Saved/Screenshots/LinuxNoEditor

In windows: C:\Users\<your-user-name>\AppData\Local\HeliumRain\Screenshots.