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Modding support in Helium Rain is currently a work in progress. Information written here may change. The following guide is meant for Windows users ; Linux modders might need more efforts.

Creating your modding environment (Windows)[edit | edit source]

Installing a modding SDK for Helium Rain requires a few steps: getting Unreal Engine 4, installing the required tools, downloading the game sources, and downloading the game content kit.

Getting Unreal Engine 4[edit | edit source]

Helium Rain uses UE4 as a game engine. You can get it for free at You will need to sign up and download the Epic Games launcher.

In the launcher library for Unreal Engine, install version 4.16.3.

Installing the tools[edit | edit source]

You will need the following tools to build Helium Rain from the sources:

Getting the Helium Rain source code[edit | edit source]

Go to the Helium Rain repository on GitHub and select the release branch. Use the "clone or download" button to get the sources. If you are familiar with Git, you should probably use it to clone the sources, but downloading a zip archive works too.

You will also need a content archive to install in the game. This will be provided once an official workflow is available.

Building the game from sources[edit | edit source]

We will now build the Helium Rain editor from the sources. Follow these steps.

  • Open a Windows console (Windows + R ; "cmd" ; Enter).
  • Navigate to the Plugins\JoystickPlugin\ThirdParty\SDL2 folder in the Helium Rain archive.
  • Run setup.bat and wait for it to complete without errors.
  • Run build.bat and wait for it to complete without errors.
  • In the Windows explorer, right-click HeliumRain.uproject and pick "Generate Visual Studio Project Files".
  • A HeliumRain.sln file will appear - double-click it to open Visual Studio.
  • You can now build Helium Rain by hitting F7 or using the Build menu. This should take from 5 to 10 minutes.

Once the process is done, you can launch Unreal Engine by double-clicking the HeliumRain.uproject file. The editor should open after a few minutes - around the same time as compiling.

Creating mod content[edit | edit source]

The modding process is yet to be documented. We will update this guide once an official workflow is available.

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