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You can improve your company by researching technologies.

Unlock technology[edit | edit source]

Technologies can be unlocked permanently in the technology menu. To unlock a technology, you need to pay the displayed cost. You can only unlock technology with a level inferior or equal to your current technology level.

The cost of a technology depends on its level and your technology inflation ratio.

Cost = BaseCost * Level * InflationRatio

The base cost is 20 research points.

The inflation ratio is 1 and is multiplied by 1.3 each time your technology level increase (or 1.22 if you have the instruments technology)


  • Mining is a technology level 1. At the start of the game its cost is 20 ( 20 * 1 * 1). Unlock it multiply the inflation ratio by 1.3 to 1.3
  • Quick repair is a technology level 2. After buying a technology, its cost is 52 (20 * 2 * 1.3). The inflation ratio is increase to 1.69 (1.3 * 1.3)
  • I now unlock Metallurgy (level 2). Its cost is 67 (20 * 2 * 1.69). The inflation ratio is increase to 2.197
  • To purchase the level 4 technology Bombing, I need 175 research points (20 * 4 * 2.197)

Technology level[edit | edit source]

Your technology level increase by one each time you buy a technology.When your technology level increases, your Inflation Ratio is also increased.

Research points[edit | edit source]

The research points needed to unlock technology can be gained in multiple ways:

  • Contract Reward
  • Research Station
  • Capture ships and stations

Technologies list[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Instruments
  • Quick Repair
  • Diplomacy
  • Fast Travel

Economic[edit | edit source]

Science unlock Research Station Orbital Telescope
Logistics unlock Solar Power Plant Habitation Center Repair Outpost
Mining unlock Ice Mine Iron Mine Silica Mine
Chemicals unlock Plastic Production Plant Carbon Refinery Farm
Metallurgy unlock Arsenal Steelworks Tool Factory
Shipyard unlock Shipyard
Orbital pumps unlock Methane Pumping Station Hydrogen Pump Station Helium Pump Station
Advanced stations unlock Station Complex Trading Hub Foundry Fusion Power Plant

Military[edit | edit source]

  • Early warning
  • Advanced radar
  • Pirate Tech
  • Negociations
  • Flak
  • Bombing