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Trading in Helium Rain allows companies to exchange resources between each other in a living world.

Resources are produced and consumed by stations and can be transported with cargos.


Manual trading[edit | edit source]

The manual trading consist in :

  • Travel to a sector
  • Dock to a station with a cargo
  • Buy resources (or load, if the station is yours)
  • Optionally travel to another sector
  • Dock to a station with the cargo
  • Sell resources (or unload, if the station is yours)

Note that in most of case, the station will sell only the resources it produce and buy only the resources it consume. One exception is the Supply outpost that both buy and sell fleet supply. In this case, the outpost will take a large margin selling the fleet supply, with ship or station will need it for refill or repair.

If you use a distant fleet, you don't have to dock but a trade will lock the ship for a day.

Trade routes[edit | edit source]

You can automatise trade with trade routes. To create trade route, open the Orbital menu and click to the "Add trade route" button on the right of the menu.

In the trade route menu, you can define a list of sector and a list of trade operation per sector. Then you can assign a fleet to your trade route.

The assigned fleet will cycle, performing each operation of a sector then travel to the next sector.

It can be useful to add military ship to your trading fleet : they will not be able to transport goods but they will defend the fleet.

Find a good trade deal[edit | edit source]

To find a good trade deal:

  • Inspect the station (possible for local sector and distant visited sector)
  • Consult the world economy menu (from Orbital map)
  • Check proposed trade contract: they are real needs